International co-production hub for TV series dirtgirlworld

May 12, 2010

Rack&Pin provides an online hub to enable broadcasters, production companies, and studios from around the world to deliver on a major international co-production. dirtgirlworld is a 52 episode childrens TV series and a range of new media products.

The client (the show’s Australian creators) approve access permissions for each participating organization and team members. All media and data is centrally managed, both public-facing marketing information and private workflows (e.g. development, through production, post and distribution).

Development and production is managed through online task management tools and version control systems. Media from the TV post pipeline is dispatched and re-versioned by video game developers, transmedia marketing teams as well as merchandising and licensing staff. Broadcasters in the UK, Australia, Canada and the US use the hub to share and track requirements (e.g. style guides, broadcast delivery specifications). Producers retain quality control over all aspects of the show through timely review processes. Production and project managers use the hub to assign tasks to team members on subprojects. Due diligence procedures for insurers are facilitated by greater visibility of all brand assets and workflow processes.