Overnight dailies via One7nine

May 12, 2010

Rack&Pin enhances the overnight film dailies service. Take your rushes on a drive or tape to One7nine (179 Wardour Street, London) for encoding. Dailies and Digital Lab Reports, listing any quality control issues that have arisen with the footage, are available to your production team and editor first thing in the morning from One7nine or on-demand from your Rack&Pin web account. This is ideal for crew on locations far from the edit suite, or for clients on the other side of the world, removing the need for costly and time-consuming shipping.

Preview the media on your laptop, set-top box, or mobile device. Make comments, create playlists and share media with invited guests.  Upload additional clips and media to a Rack&Pin hosted online hub that catalogues the dailies, production tracking information and other material in a easily accessible library. Editors upload assemblies and cuts for review. The site is secure and password-protected so only approved viewers can log in.