The Virtual Orchestra

October 29, 2010

Rack&Pin provided the online hub and various web applications to host a collaboration between MOD Productions, the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the iCinema Centre, UNSW. Performance data captured during an 8 camera green screen 3D shoot was managed, remixed and hosted for five different platforms, including the AVIE immersive cinema shown here. The service included development and hosting of a “ACO Virtual Orchestra” Augmented Reality mobile app (currently #2 in the Layar browser Arts category).


Media arts hosting for Shopfront Youth Theatre

May 12, 2010

Rack&Pin provided an online production hub and an iPhone web app to manage communications for an ambitious media arts show at the Sydney Opera House.

Detours & Destinations is a joint project between HEAPS DECENT, SHOPFRONT, the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE and the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Detours and Destinations is an integrated multi-media arts project framing the stories and experience of young people from the Blacktown and Campbelltown areas.

Incorporating video and film, remix technologies, beat mixing and DJ culture, podcasts, blogging, performance, stencil art and installation.

Video game production hub for Babe On A Beam

May 12, 2010

Babe on a beam is an iPhone game available from the iTunes AppStore. Rack&Pin provided the online hub used by team members in Australia, the UK and the US to design, develop, test and market the title.